Saturday, April 12, 2008

This Ones For YOU!

Okay Nadine and Veronica (who PS Nadine you dont even update that often either!)

Well tonight i was informed by my fabulous husband that i was being suprised with a suprise dress up double date... Not like suit and dress dress up but still.. Seeing as i dont really usually have any life what - so - ever I was totally pumped!

His sister also suprised her husband, and then her and dave picked us up at 6:30 and we went to dinner at Von's which is mine and gordons "special" restaurant (where we went for our first anniversary of dating back in grade 12, the restauraunt he proposed to me at, and also where we went the first valentines we were married... so it was fun to remember some of our happy memories now that we have been together for long enough to start thinking of the "good old days" :) He is so cute!)

So anyways, then we went to the movie "Smart People" which is up there with Juno for me (im sure it has something to do with that actress whom i LOVE)

but yeah i dont know if you actually all care... but you insisted that i inform you of SOMETHING so i hope your evening was even half as cool and eventful as mine! ;) HaHa have a GREAT weekend all of you and enjoy all the goodies you picked up this afternoon!