Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scarlett Turns 2

Okay so I took over 300 pictures of Scarlett;s birthday party and actual birthday, but couldn't  pick my favourites, so for now I am just going to post a few Instagram photos from the event and then will just have to post layouts as I get more birthday pics scrapbooked!
 It was a pretty low key party, but I did get strict instructions from Scarlett that there needed to be balloons and streamers!
Scarlett had a sleepover at Grandma B's house the night before her party so that we could set up her new doll house in her room and fill the floor with balloons as a surprise! She totally cared more about the balloons! Hahaha But she has already spent countless hours playing with Barbie and her friends!
Auntie Tessa got Scarlett a mini piano, and Scarlett LOVES IT!!! 
This was her actual birthday morning playing in her new sand box from Grandma and Grandpa B! She asks to go play in it every 5 minutes! And I might actually get a tan this year!!!
I have started 2 pages with some of her birthday pictures, I will post better photos when I am done the pages, but this is just proof that I have been scrapbooking!
This was before her birthday party, Scarlett Auntie KC and I went for a walk to Tim Hortons, and Scarlett picked about 1000 dandelions while we were out and about! She love love loves picking "flowers".
Couldn't love this moment more! 
My little princess playing with her doll house on the morning of her birthday. She took me by the hand and we had to play with each and every one of her new toys! It was adorable.

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Jen said...

First of all - totally proud of you for updating ;)
And secondly, oh my word, your baby is just ADORABLE! Happy 2nd Birthday Scarlett :)